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Each of the Sanifluor® brand of Aflas® formulated compounds has been developed to function in a variety of critical applications. Aflas® is a unique fluroelastomeric material that when properly formulated, can produce sealing elements that have excellent mechanical properties, steam and caustic resistance, very good chemical resistance and superior oil resistance.

Product Features
• Excellent Steam and Caustic Resistance up to 400º F (204º C)
• Very Good Chemical Resistance
• High electrical resistivity
• Superior Oil Resistance.

Sanifluor® Aflas® compounds are available in AS-568A O Ring sizes, gaskets and custom shapes.

Aflas® (FEPM) Compounds
Produced by
Process Technologies, Inc.

Sanifluor® 1000 80    Aflas® FDA & USP Class VI Compliant
Sanifluor® 1011 70    Aflas® FDA Compliant
Sanifluor® 900 90    Aflas® ED Resistant
Sanifluor® 1040 80    Aflas® General Purpose Compound

Statements and recommendations on this page are based on our experience and knowledge of typical applications of this product and shall not constitute a guarantee of performance nor modify or alter our standard warranty for this product.

Prior to actual use it is highly recommended that suitable tests be run to determine this product’s suitability in a specific application. This is critical where failure could result in injury or damage.

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